Our Hickory location is kid-friendly until 8pm daily!*


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Building On Success

With our initial location of Dive Bar in Mooresville, NC becoming wildly popular in such a short time, our ownership team thought long and hard about the next step- our space was full in Mooresville, we didn't want to oversaturate the same market and open another in the same town, or even a town next door.

Where we landed was Hickory for Dive Bar #2, a town that holds a near and dear place in our hearts. It's about an hour northwest from Mooresville, and a down that's really on an upswing with the same smalltown community vibes that we have here in Mo'ville.

We expect Hickory to open in Fall 2022, and as construction moves along, we will update on our @DiveBar_NC socials as well as our new e-mail list which you can sign up for below!

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*THE TERM "KID-FRIENDLY" means that we will do our best to keep the profanity and mature themes of chatter and signage to a minimum, but is not a guarantee by an means. PLEASE RECONSIDER BRINGING YOUR CHILDREN HERE IF IT'S AFTER DINNERTIME.